7th, 8th December 2019

Stars and Great Cars

We have an incredible lineup of cars and drivers in store for 2019. 

In 2018, fans were wowed by our unique single and dual vehicle demonstrations on track with ultra-rare and ultra-powerful cars … and even a plane! The incredibly positive reaction has led us to create even more of these features for 2019.

AMF 2019 will feature more Formula One cars not seen at the event before. You will also see some new types of race machinery, including 800hp off-road trophy trucks and rallycross cars pitted against tarmac-tearing time attack cars!

You’ll see a bigger blend of historic cars and more international and Australian motoring greats taking part.

There’s a whole lot more yet to be announced – 2019 will be bigger and better than ever!

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Here are some of the highlights from 2018.


Craig Lowndes Craig Lowndes

7 x Bathurst 1000 winner, 3 x Supercars champion, 2014 Bathurst 12 Hour winner – Ferrari 458 GT3, Race to the CIty 2018 star

See Craig in action:

  • Thursday
    • Prima Tour – Ferrari 488 Pista 
  • Friday
    • Gouger Street Party  - LaFerrari
  • Saturday
    • Holy Trinity – Lap of the Gods WIN A RIDE–CLICK HERE
  • Sunday
    • Holy Trinity – LaFerrari



Alister McRaeAlister McRae


British Rally Champion, Asia Pacific Rally Champion, WRC and Dakar competitor, Race to the City 2018 star

See Alister in action:

  • Thursday
    • Prima Tour – Subaru WRX STI 
  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power  - 1993 WRC Subaru 555
  • Saturday
    • TBC
  • Sunday
    • Rally Legends



David BrabhamDavid Brabham

Le Mans 24 Hour winner, 3 x International Sports Car series champion, Australian Driver’s Champion, British Formula 3 champion, Race to the City 2018 star

See David in action:

  • Thursday
    • Prima Tour – XW Falcon Brabham Special
  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power - Brabham BT62
  • Saturday
    • Brabham BT62 Flat Out
  • Sunday
    • Brabham BT62 Flat Out
    • Winged Warriors 


Ivan CapelliIvan Capelli

Formula One star for March, AGS, Leyton House, Ferrari and Jordan, International Formula 3000 champion, Le Mans 24 Hour competitor, AMF lap record holder 2016, Race to the City 2018 star

See Ivan in action:

  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power - Leyton House F1
  • Saturday
    • Leyton House F1 1989 
  • Sunday
    • Leyton House F1 1989 
    • Winged Warriors – Leyton House F1



Matt HallMatt Hall

Australia’s only Red Bull Air Race pilot, former Air Force fighter combat instructor, aerobatic competitor, Race to the City 2018 star

See Matt in action:

  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power - Aston Martin DBRS9
  • Saturday
    • Aerobatic display – MXS-R Red Bull Air Race plane
  • Sunday
    • Winged Warriors – MXS-R Red Bull Air Race plane




Jim RichardsJim Richards

7 x Bathurst 1000 winner, 4 x Australian Touring Car champion, Australian GT Production Car champion, 4 x Australian Touring Car champion, 2 x Touring Car Masters champion

See Jim in action:

  • Friday
    • Gouger Street Party – Porsche GT2RS
  • Saturday
    • Holy Trinity – Lap of the Gods – Porsche 918
  • Sunday
    • Holy Trinity – Porsche 918
    • Winged Warriors – Porsche GT2RS


John Bowe
John Bowe

2 x Bathurst 1000 winner, 2 x Australian Drivers Championship winner, Australian Sports Car champion, Australian Touring Car champion, 4 x Touring Car Masters champion, Race to the City star

See John in action:

  • Thursday
    • Prima Tour – Supercharged Ford Mustang
  • Friday  
    • Peak Hour of Power – McLaren P1
  • Saturday
    • Holy Trinity – Lap of the Gods – McLaren P1
    • Civil War – Supercharged Ford Mustang
  • Sunday
    • Holy Trinity – McLaren P1


Tim SladeTim Slade

2 x World Time Attack Challenge winner, Supercars driver, experienced campaigner in open-wheelers, GT, off-road and time attack, Race to the City 2018, Race to the City 2018 and Race to the City star

See Tim in action:

  • Thursday
    • Prima Tour – TBC
  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power – TBC
  • Saturday
    • TBC
  • Sunday
    • TBC


Todd Hazelwood

Todd Hazelwood

Driver for Bigmate Racing in the 2018 Supercars Championship, winner of the 2017 Dunlop Super2 Series, winner of the 2016 Privateers Cup

See Todd in action:

  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power - Dodge Challenger SRT Demopn
  • Saturday
    • Civil War – Dodge Challenger SRT Demon



Josh KeanJosh Kean

Former Dunlop Super2 driver, historic F1 driver, Race to the City star

See Josh in action:

  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power – Arrows A21
  • Saturday
    • Various F1 cars tbc
  • Sunday
    • Various F1 cars tbc

Allan MoffatAllan Moffat

4 x Bathurst 1000 winner, 4 x Australian Touring Car Champion, class wins at Daytona and Le Mans 24-hour races.

See Allan in action:

  • Friday
    • Peak Hour of Power - Mazda RX7




The Cars

Leyton House CG891Leyton House 1989

This is the car that Ivan Capelli raced in the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide in 1989. He didn’t finish that race, but returned to drive the car again at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in 2016, setting the lap record – a record Capelli is keen to regain. Although the car struggled against the bigger teams, it did show promising pace, with Capelli’s teammate Gugelmin setting the fastest lap of the French GP that year. Featured in Race to the City 2018


Brun Motorsport Porsche 962Brun 962

The Brun Motorsport Hydro Aluminium 962 was built in 1989 and features a bespoke chassis composed of honeycomb aluminium and carbon, and a 3.2-litre twin turbo water-cooled flat six engine that appeared in the later 962 models. It was one of Brun's two main chassis for the whole 1989 FIA World Sportscar Championship. It also competed in the German Supercup championship in 1989 and Le Mans in 1989 and 1990.


Joest Racing Porsche 962Joest 962

The Joest Racing Blaupunkt 962 is depicted on the 2018 AMF poster. It won the 1988 Porsche Super Cup Championship and was placed third at Le Mans that same year.



Arrows A21arrows a21

Mark Webber was a test driver for Arrows when this car was being developed. It was notable for being a full-carbon car, including the tub, wishbones, brakes and even the gearbox casing. This car is fitted with the Hart V10 from the previous year, which makes 800hp at an incredible 18,000 rpm.

Featured in Race to the City


Lola Larrousse LC87Lola Larrousse LC87

The naturally aspirated Lolas were at a disadvantage against the turbocharged cars of the era, but team drivers Phillipe Alliot and Yannick Dalmas managed several top ten finishes with the Cosworth V8-powered cars. Dalmas claimed the season’s highest finish for the team in Adelaide with fifth place. This car is in its original livery as last raced in Adelaide in 1987.



Lola Larrousse LC88Lola

Ex-Phillipe Alliot car which raced in Adelaide in 1988. This car has been restored to an as-raced condition.





Toleman TG185Toleman TG185

Wearing its United Colours of Benetton livery, this Toleman TG185 raced at the very first Adelaide Formula One Grand Prix in 1985. Driven by Teo Fabi, the Toleman had a difficult season, only finishing two races. The team’s highlight for the year was pole position in the German GP. It was Toleman’s last year in F1 – in 1986 the team was taken over by major sponsor Benetton.


T51 CooperCooper T51

The T51 made its F1 debut at Monaco in 1959 with Sir Jack Brabham taking the win. This was the year Sir Jack famously pushed his car over the line to finish fourth at Sebring after leading most of the race – an effort that was to prove invaluable, giving him enough points to win his first driver’s championship.


Lotus 12Lotus 12

The first Lotus ever raced in Formula 1 and Graham Hill's first Grand Prix drive. Hill campaigned this gorgeous Lotus 12 in Formula 2 in Europe in 1957, before it was entered in the Monaco GP in 1958. It also raced in the Dutch and Belgian GPs that year.




Dallara BMS189Dallara

Ex-Andrea de Cesaris car which raced and spun out during the Adelaide Grand Prix of 1989. This car is driven hard by its current owner who holds the Simola Hillclimb ( South Africa) record in the car.



Ferrari LaFerrariLaFerrari

One of only 499 built, Ferrari’s hybrid hypercar has a mid-mounted 6.2-litre V12, augmented by a pair of electric motors powered by a kinetic energy recovery system derived from Formula 1. Together the two systems deliver more than 950 horsepower to the rear wheels. The LaFerrari hits 100kmh in less than three seconds, on its way to a top speed in excess of 350kmh. Featured in Race to the City 2018


Porsche 918Porsche 918

The Porsche 918’s 4.6-litre V8 has two electric motors to help it, one for the front wheels and one for the rear, giving it a combined output of 887hp. The 918 is a plug-in hybrid, with fuel economy figures that beat a Prius (at legal road speeds). Used as its makers intended, fuel usage is a little higher, especially near its top speed of more than 350kmh.



McLaren P1McLaren P1

Only 375 of these hybrid hypercars were built. A plug-in hybrid like the 918, its two motors drive the rear wheels, as with the LaFerrari. Like both, it tops out on the high side of 350kmh.



Prodrive Subaru Impreza 555Prodrive 555 Impreza 1993

The 1993 Subaru Impreza 555 is chassis number 4 from that year’s World Rally Championship campaign, and is the only one from that year still with its original shell. A sister car to the one driven by the legendary WRC champion Colin McRae, it was campaigned by Markku Alén and Ari Vatanen in 1993 before winning the 1994 Asia Pacific Rally Championship in 1994 with New Zealander Possum Bourne at the wheel. This was also Subaru’s very first Impreza 555 Group A Manufacturer’s and Driver’s championship double.


Brabham BT62Brabham BT62

Adelaide’s own supercar, the Brabham BT62 first surfaced earlier in the year, but it has not been seen at speed in public – AMF will be its high-speed public debut! With a naturally aspirated 5.4-litre mid-mounted V8 making 700hp and a kerb weight of just 972kg, the car proved to be extremely quick in filming for Race to the City 2018.

Featured in Race to the City 2018


MXS-R Red Bull Race PlaneRed Bull Air Race plane

This is no ordinary plane – pilot Matt Hall has used it to twice finish second in the Red Bull Air Race World Championships. The single-seater MXS-R is built for speed, packing 8.9 litres of air-cooled flat six that hauls the sprightly 700kg aircraft to a top speed of more than 420kmh. It can climb at 3,700 feet per minute and roll at the dizzying rate of 420 degrees per second.

Featured in Race to the City 2018


JPS Norton RotaryNorton Rotary

This machine combines the very first race chassis and the first water-cooled factory works twin-rotor engine developed by Norton in the late 1980s. Norton’s racing glory days were long behind them when this bike was conceived, and its success in racing against formidable opposition has made it legendary. Wins include the 1992 Isle of Man TT and the 94 British Superbike Championship.

Initially developed without the support of Norton management, the RC588 looked promising from the outset, with a race-ready weight of 145kg and power estimated at 135hp (Norton’s dyno only ran to 100hp).


Fiat 131 Group 4 Abarth TributoFiat 131 Abarth

No, it’s not the Fiat 131 Group 4 Abarth that won three World Rally Championships in 1977, 1978 and 1980, winning 20 events. It might look and sound and go exactly like the car Markku Alen drove to victory in the 1978 Rallye De Portugal, but this car was lovingly built as a tribute over 10 years by Group4Racing to 1976 FIA homologation specs.

The Tributo’s genuine Group 4 parts include the ultra-rare Abarth 16-valve head, independent rear suspension, hubs, Porsche alloy brakes and Kugelfischer mechanical injection fuel pump. Other parts were remade from original Abarth castings, such as the sump, dry sump oil pump, unique F1-derived slide injection manifold, wheels and that gorgeous bodykit.

The little Fiats punched well above their weight back in the day, the two-litre, naturally aspirated motor punching out almost 250hp in a car that weighs around 900kg.



Ferrari 488 PistaFerrari 488 Pista

The 488 Pista is a road-legal track-ready car based on the 488 GTB but with significant enhancements, especially to the engine and aerodynamic package. Its phenomenal twin-turbo V8 has just won the International Engine of the Year Award, the third year in a row Ferrari has claimed this honour. The name is, in fact, a direct homage to Ferrari’s unparalleled heritage in motorsports – pista is Italian for track.



Porsche GT2RSPorsche GT2RS

The most powerful 911 Porsche have ever built. Its 3.8-litre twin turbo flat six makes around 690hp. A rigorous weight-loss regime leaves the road-registered car with a kerb weight of just 1470kg.




McLaren M1BMcLaren M1B

In 1966 this car was shipped to US motor racing legend Carl Haas. Haas sold it to Bud Morley, who raced it in Can Am and USAC races across the USA. It was left to rot in a shed somewhere, before undergoing a ten-year restoration that brought it back to its original glory. It competed in some historic racing in the US, then went back to the UK and raced at Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Spa and many other European circuits.


Brabham BT17 Brabham BT17

Built as a Group 7 CanAm sports car, this BT17 was raced by Sir Jack himself, in one race at Oulton Park. Originally with a 4.4-litre Repco Brabham engine, it is now powered by a 5-litre Repco Brabham V8.



AAR Eagle T2GAAR Eagle

This car first ran at the Indianapolis 500 in 1966 with a 255ci Ford V8 driven by Jerry Grant.  Grant drove it at the Brickyard again in 1967, then Jerry Titus drove it in 1968. In 1969 it was fitted with a turbo and raced thoughout the season with Johnny Rutherford at the wheel. In 1970, Rutherford put it on the front row of the Indy 500, qualifying second but finishing back in 18th place. It continued to race until 1973.


Jaguar XJ13Jaguar XJ13

Only one Jaguar XJ13 prototype was ever built, but by the time it was completed in 1966 it was considered obsolete for the task of winning at Le Mans and it never raced. This car is one of seven hand-built replicas that faithfully follow the original design and specifications, from the aircraft-style riveted hand-formed aluminium bodywork to the early electronic fuel injection for the V12 engine. Through unmuffled pipes it sounds magnificent.



Dodge Challenger SRT DemonDodge Demon 

The world’s fastest production car from 0-100kmh and over the quarter-mile. Its 840hp, supercharged 6.2l HEMI engine is the most powerful V8 production engine of all time, making the Demon the first production car capable of lifting the front wheels off the ground and delivering the highest acceleration G-force of any production car.


There are more than 800 cars involved in the Adelaide Motorsport Festival – way too many to feature here and all with a story to tell. Book your tickets now.



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132,856 HP Entrant vehicles combined estimated hp
42.57 sec Victoria Park sprint lap record
839 cars Took part in the 2018 event
47,107 Total attendance in 2018