7th, 8th December 2019

The Aussie IndyCar?

Open wheelers with V8s, low-key aero and no driver aids? Sounds like a recipe for good racing and you can get a preview of the 2019 S5000 at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival this weekend.

The S5000, which has been endorsed as an official category for 2019, combines modest downforce with a lack of electronic driver aids to promote fast, close racing.

The cars are powered by Ford’s quad-cam 5-litre V8 Coyote engine, which pushes 560 horsepower through a 6-speed Holinger sequential gearbox. The chassis is a carbon composite monocoque built to FIA spec by French firm Ligier.

The FIA safety specs include protection from front, side and rear impacts, a cockpit halo and intrusion panels, making the cars safe as well as fast.

You’ll see the S5000 at tracks around Australia next year, but there’s no need to wait until 2019 – the S5000 will be rumbling through the CBD traffic this Friday night in the Peak Hour of Power. You can get a close look at it during the Gouger Street Party on Friday night, then see it run on track at AMF across the weekend.

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