7th, 8th December 2019

CIVIL WAR – American Muscle Shootout

No type of car is more synonymous with the USA than the muscle car, so AMF has lined up three of the best to duke it out on our Victoria Park circuit.
We’ve come a long way since the first muscle cars were created by removing doors and adding power to conventional family sedans – the three contenders are seriously quick cars by any measure.

The Dodge Demon, to be driven by Adelaide Supercars driver Todd Hazelwood, is the world’s fastest production car from 0-100kmh and over the quarter-mile. Its 840hp, supercharged 6.2l HEMI engine is the most powerful V8 production engine of all time, making the Demon the first production car capable of lifting the front wheels off the ground and delivering the highest acceleration G-force of any production car.

The Demon will have its work cut out for it. Its rivals from Ford and General Motors are both supercharged and built for speed.
John Bowe is no stranger to Mustangs, so he’ll be right at home at the wheel of the Mustang GT, while alongside him Alister McRae takes a break from rallying for some straight line action in the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

All of these cars will struggle to put the power down onto an unprepared tarmac strip, so this civil war promises to be hard-fought.

The three will settle their beef in a best-of-three series of roll races, with the three cars lining up at low speed before being flagged away on the straight. Corners be damned, it’s all about getting the ponies to the pavement in true muscle car tradition, with howling V8s and tortured tyres.

Civil War – American Muscle Shootout will take place on Saturday December 1 at 3:25pm.

Buy your tickets online now and save: https://adelaidemotorsportfestival.com.au/spectators/tickets/

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