7th, 8th December 2019

Race to the City returns!

The news is out - we've been at it again!

Last year, our short film Race to the City went viral, reaching more than 2.5 million people around the world. This year we have taken it to a whole new level, with star drivers including Ivan Capelli, Pierluigi Martini, David Brabham, Alister McRae, Craig Lowndes, Tim Slade, and Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall.

Early morning motorists in Wingfield were surprised to see the Leyton House March, raced by Ivan Capelli in Adelaide in 1989, being unloaded on the roadside before taking off up the South Road Superway on-ramp. Across the road, Ferrari's ultra-rare hypercar, the LaFerrari (which cannot be road registered in Australia) also took to the road and the pair of high-performance machines were escorted by police at a brisk pace through an industrial area of Wingfield where the streets are named after Adelaide-era F1 stars.

Filming for Race to the City 2018 actually began in Italy back in May, but our activities on South Road on the weekend blew our cover - people tend to notice when you drive a LaFerrari and a Formula One car along public roads in broad daylight!

'Race to the City was a great success for us last year, so we're doing a more elaborate version for 2018', Event and Film Director Tim Possingham says. 'We started filming in Italy in May, and have done several shoots around South Australia, including in the Murray Mallee and the Adelaide Hills, as well as the scenes we shot in the north-western suburbs of Adelaide last weekend. As with last year we are grateful for the amazing support and assistance we have received from SA Police, DPTI and other regulatory bodies. Thanks to this help we have been able to capture some incredible footage that really captures some of the wonderful tourism regions that are so close to the capital city here in SA.'

The film will be released on October 18. Until then, you can enjoy a taste of what's to come on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/adelaidemotorsportfestival/videos/722482378090146/ 

cops look at the laferrari leyton house engine laferrari with shipping containers


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