7th, 8th December 2019

Peak Hour of Power - Craig Lowndes is ready, are you?

At 5:45 this afternoon, the Peak hour of Power parade will hit the road and take on Adelaide's Friday night peak hour traffic. Make sure you've got a good viewing position for the parade, which runs up Wakefield Street, through Victoria Square, into Morphett Street and then stops in Gouger Street for the party, autograph signings, entertainment, and of course plenty of food options in Adelaide's popular dining strip.

Craig Lowndes faced the media this afternoon to talk about the Festival, and also took the time to try Gerhard Berger's 1986 Benetton on for size. Lowndes will be driving the Ferrari FXX tonight, and the Benetton on Sunday afternoon.


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132,856 HP Entrant vehicles combined estimated hp
42.57 sec Victoria Park sprint lap record
839 cars Took part in the 2018 event
47,107 Total attendance in 2018