7th, 8th December 2019

Two-up with Troy

Troy Bayliss won the Superbike World Championship three times for Ducati thanks to his fearless riding style and razor sharp skills.

This weekend he brings a dash of two-wheeled excitement to the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, and some lucky festival-goers will be joining him.

After roaring into the weekend in the Peak Hour of Power and mingling with the crowds at the Gouger Street Party, Bayliss will take to the track on both days of the Festival for some demonstration laps on his Superbike-spec Ducati, as well as treating a handful of brave passengers to a pillion ride they won't forget.

Bayliss is bringing his specially prepared two-up bike, a Ducati Superbike with an extra seat and set of footpegs. The passengers, who won their spots in a competition in Just Bikes magazine, will feel the power, speed and sheer visceral grunt of the machines that Bayliss wrangled in the championship.

It won't be the first time Bayliss has ridden the streets of Adelaide on his racebike - he was one of the stars of our promotional film Race to the CIty.

Don't miss Troy and his two-wheeled mates in the Classic Motorcycle demonstration category. Click here to buy your tickets now.


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