1st, 2nd December 2018

Super5000 joins Peak Hour of Power

The Super5000 protoype will join our Peak Hour of Power parade this Friday from 5:45pm

Designed and built in Adelaide by Oscar Fiorinotto's Supashock Racing Engineering, the Super5000 is the first of a new support series for next year's Supercars calendar. With echoes of the popular Formula 5000 open-wheelers of the 1970s, this new car promises to be faster and safer, and provide plenty of wheel-to-wheel racing. Built around a carbon fibre monocoque, the Super5000 is powered by a Supercars-spec 5-litre V8, and uses the same Albins sequential transaxle as its tintop cousins, in a significantly lighter package with substantial aero.

Bathurst winner Garth Tander will drive this car to the Gouger Street Party on Friday night and on-track on Saturday.

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