7th, 8th December 2019

Rally Finale at Victoria Park

After three days and more than 750 kilometres, the Adelaide Rally will conclude in spectacular fashion on-track at Victoria Park on Saturday December 9. This is a fantastic opportunity to see the Rally competitors up close at speed as they duke it out on our street circuit in the final stage of the event.

The finale starts at 5:30pm and will be followed by the podium presentation from 8pm. Our Food and Wine Zone will be open throughout the event, so make a night of it!

Oh, and get there early - on top of a packed schedule of on-track action with the Victoria Park Sprint, we'll have a drift demonstration from Driftsquid Jake Jones, then a one-of-a-kind roll race between a Formula One car and a mental Toyota 86 before the final Rally stage begins. You don'twant to miss a minute at AMF.

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132,856 HP Entrant vehicles combined estimated hp
42.57 sec Victoria Park sprint lap record
839 cars Took part in the 2018 event
47,107 Total attendance in 2018