7th, 8th December 2019

Driftsquid set to smoke at AMF

Drift fans are in for a treat at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival this year - 'Driftsquid' Jake Jones will be drifting the entire circuit in his Nissan RB28-powered BMW M3.

The RBM3 - a 2011 BMW M3 fitted with a Nissan GTR RB28 stroker engine making over 1000 horsepower - made its public debut on a section of the track at AMF last year. The crowd loved it, so this year we're letting Jake loose around the full length of the circuit.

The sound this car makes needs to be heard to be believed, and the way it converts tyres into smoke is a sight to behold.

Driftsquid will hit the track at 4:35pm on Saturday December 9, laying down some fresh rubber prior to the final stage of the Adelaide Rally, making it a Saturday evening to remember. Don't miss out!

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