7th, 8th December 2019

Dallara F189 Returns to Adelaide

28 years after it raced on the Adelaide Formula One street circuit, this 1989 BMS Scuderia Dallara F189 is making a comeback.

The car was raced by Italian driver Andrea de Cesaris, who qualified ninth in Adelaide, but spun off twice at the same corner in appalling wet conditions, completing just 12 laps of the race. (He wasn't alone, only eight of the 26 starters made it to the end of the rain-shortened contest.)

More inclement weather almost put an end to the car's return to Adelaide, with storms causing significant damage to South African docks earlier this year, but the car eventually made it onto its ship and will appear at the Festival on Saturday and Sunday.

This car is used to being driven as its makers intended, and is the current outright record-holder at the famous Simola Hillclimb in South Africa, so we're expecting it to challenge Ivan Capelli's Victoria Park AMF circuit lap record.

Whatever the result, the howl of the Cosworth DFR V8 will make a welcome return to Adelaide.

















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