December 7th - 10th 2017

Adelaide Rally




The Shannons Adelaide Rally is a 3 day touring road event held in the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Barossa and Murray Mallee regions.
The event has Touring, Spirit, Regularity, Challenge and Competition sections run under CAMS permit #517/0912/01



PDF Overview          Supplementary REgulations                                  itinerary 2017                    


Vehicles entering entering the competitions of Shannons Challenge or Shannons Modern and Classic Competitions must comply with the Technical Regulations of one of (not part of one or another)

the regulations below:

CAMS Tarmac Rally Technical Regulations-Modern (post 1986)
CAMS Tarmac Rally Technical Regulations-Classic (pre1986)
CAMS Historic and Classic  Gravel Rally Car Regulations
CAMS Group 3C Production Rally Car Regulations

Those not complying with the technical regulations above may apply to compete for awards within the event subject to approval from the organiser within Category S, however the vehicle must still comply with safety and general requirements.

If you have a Technical Query. Please see the TECHNICAL FAQs document here or contact the Chief SCrutineer Alan Pickstock on 0413516246

The Adelaide Rally is proudly sponsored by Shannons Insurance. Shannons Shares your passion.

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132,856 HP Entrant vehicles combined estimated hp
43.28 sec Victoria Park sprint lap record
627 cars Took part in the 2016 event
3 million Price of the most expensive car attending in 2017